Pratley the widest range in glues and adhesives

Established in 1948, Pratley is the leading brand in high performance DIY and industrial adhesives. With Pratley manufacturing over 800 different products they are able to service a wide variety of markets such as industrial, construction and consumers worldwide. The Pratley range includes: DIY epoxies, DIY adhesives, acrylic adhesives, anaerobic adhesives, sealants and special performance industrial adhesive products.

Some of Pratley’s most well-known products in its DIY glue and adhesives range are the original or standard setting putty, quickset putty, steel putty and quickset glue. The Pratley standard setting putty for instance was the first product of its kind in the world. It is an epoxy putty which sets very hard and is ideal for under water use. Pratley quickset putty is an exceptionally high strength, hand mouldable, putty like adhesive. Their steel putty is a hand mouldable putty which sets like steel and matches the colour of steel once dried. It is exceptionally workable yet when set is incredibly strong.

The Pratley glue range consists of quickset white and clear glue, quickset steel, the wondafix range and Pratley 1-2-3. The quickset white glue for instance is best for heavy duty applications where surfaces are somewhat rough. It is able to fill large gaps where repairs require both adhesive strength and a filler. Pratley’s quickset clear glue is a very versatile adhesive and is the sort of product which every household would find useful. This glue is useful for applications where the adhesive should not be visible. The quickset steel glue is a quick setting metal filler and mender. It is formulated to set hard and match the colour of most ferrous metals. The wondafix range is a tough but flexible adhesive that adheres to many different materials such as leather, fabrics, metals, ceramics and wood. This range is also useful to fix a multitude of problem car repairs. The Pratley 1-2-3 quickset is a tough acrylic adhesive offering an easy three step bonding system which requires no mixing. Pratley also offers the kraftex range for all those interested in arts and crafts. This range is designed to help you to discover a world of creativity by providing the most advanced decoupage products around.

So as you can see when it comes to filling, fixing or sticking Pratley’s wide range of glues and high strength adhesives will ensure that there will always be the right product for the job and with their years of experience in the industry you know it’s a product you can trust.

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