Why Stanley Tools are the right tools for construction

Stanley Tools is an American based company that produces a wide variety of tools including Hand tools, power tools and many more. All Stanley Tools are produced for consumer and industrial uses and are built to the highest quality specifications. Stanley’s hardware tools are ergonomically designed to give the users the longest lasting tools around. Stanley Tools designs many tools that are ideal for any building requirement you may have.  Stanley hand tools offers a broad range of carpentry hand tools, laser measuring tools, tool sets and tool boxes for professionals and home improvement enthusiasts.

Stanley levelling tools for instance are reliable, suitable for short, medium and long range levelling inside and outside of a building or structure and are easy to set up and use. Stanley’s sawhorses and work benches offer a great working surface at home or on a site so you get the right cut the first time around. Stanley Tools produces a wide variety of handsaws including hacksaws, coping saws, utility saws and multi-purpose saws for any cutting job. The Stanley range of clamps and vices comes in all shapes and sizes which enables the user to perform a wide variety of tasks. These clamps and vices are easily adjustable and consist of removable jaw pads to protect the surface of the material you are working with. Stanley Tools also has a range of concrete tools such as hand trowels, hand floats, finishing trowels and edging tools to ensure that perfectly smooth finish.

Stanley Tools is not only a producer of hand tools but also produce a range of power tools that make building jobs easier and more efficient. In 2010 Black & Decker merged with Stanley Tools to provide power tools to industry and consumers to meet any need the market may have. Stanley Tools are also joined with brands such as Dewalt and Porter-Cables. The Stanley Tools power tool division consists of corded and cordless drills, saws, hammers, grinders, routers, planers, plate joiners, sanders, lasers, generators, compressors, and nailers. Stanley’s wide range of accessories from drilling and screwdriver bits to saw blades, abrasives, and hammer bits are designed to accomplish the applications users encounter on the toughest job sites.

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